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Planning for Sustainable Development in Thailand Workshop

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The Division of Urban and Environmental Planning (UEP) annually organizes an International Workshop for Community Service and Academic Knowledge Exchange in Development and Revitalization of Historical Areas in Thailand, known as Planning for Sustainable Development in Thailand (PSDT). The program primarily aims to learn about communities, both in theory and practice, foster academic exchange and establish cooperation with foreign experts. Most of all, the workshops are expected to produce outputs that are practical and useful for communities, in response to AKU and KU’s policy in the provision of academic services.

Our past workshops were participated by a large group of Thai and international students from various countries in Europe and Asia with different backgrounds especially in urban, environmental and planning studies. Academic personnel and practitioners are also welcome in the program. Such combination has provoked a diversity of thoughts for an intercultural and interdisciplinary learning experience in the workshop activities. During the training program, participants will work together in small groups, closely supervised by experienced KU-staff and in close interaction with a
variety of community representatives, to address the community’s problems and come up with suggestions for sustainable ways to improve the conditions. A specific community and certain challenging environmental issues are selected as PSDT’s central theme each year.

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Yearly Learning Approach

PSDT2009 carried the title “Managing land use conflicts, mobility and cultural heritage in Amphawa, Samut Songkhram”. PSDT2010 and PSDT2011 both employed Bang Krachao area as a case study with different learning approaches, respectively titled “Dealing with high pressure: how to prevent Bangkok’s last green lung from turning red?” and “Saving Bangkok’s last green lung: developing an ecotourism roadmap for Bang Krachao”.

Special Features

Special lectures, Seminar, Field trips, Intensive workshop.

Regular Admission Requirement

The program offers place for about 20 international advanced bachelor and master students from such disciplines as human geography, urban, rural and environmental planning, community studies, landscape design, etc. Please contact: Dr. Bart Lambregts (b.lambregts@uva.nl) or Dr. SupapornK. Leopairojna (supaporn_k@hotmail.com) for further inquiries.

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