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Architecture I สถาปัตยกรรมศาสตรบัณฑิต

Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.)

Year Program: 5-Year Program


As part of the university’s educational opportunity extension policy, this 5-year professional degree program accredited by the Architect Council of Thailand is nationally recognized for its sustainability-oriented academic training toward the creation of architecture and built environment. Formally established in 1994, the program aims to build its students with systematic problem-solving skills and knowledge of green design. The curriculum radically integrates architectural design studios with theory, history, innovative technology, construction and sustainable understandings as a whole to lead students toward the development of critical processes and architectural forms eco-friendly to the environments, culture, and society.


The Bachelor of Architecture Program aims to produce graduates with well-grounded knowledge in architectural design practice and environmental concerns based on various principles of green architecture and sustainable environment. The teaching philosophy of the program integrates cultural and social aspects of environment with physical design, creativity and technological factors of architecture to minimize impact to the environment.


  • To produce architectural graduates with skills and expertise in both academic and professional aspects
  • To promote research and activities that lead to academic excellence in environmentally-friendly architecture
  • To provide and develop architectural education in the universal standard
  • To apply integrated knowledge to treat and guide the design of built environment for public benefit

Curriculum Total Credit Units

Not less than 167 Credit Units

Yearly Learning Approach

  • 1st Year: Introduction to architectural fundamentals in design, presentation and construction
  • 2nd Year: Development of architectural design skill integrating with principles, contexts, history, tropical design and building systems
  • 3rd Year: Practice of sustainable architectural design in complex scales collaborating with theory, technology, site planning and landscape architecture
  • 4th Year: Improvement of design ability of sustainable architectural design in high-rise and community scales with program development, advanced structure, and environmental and urban design theory
  • 5th Year: Development of thesis proposal and accomplishment of thesis in architecture: individual design inquiry under advisory committees

Special Features

Workshops, fieldtrips, competition projects and participatory programs are frequently included as a part of the study program in order to stimulate practical skills, experience development and critical thinking. A range of elective courses, including Special Problem (Individual Study) and the popular Scrap Design which assigns participants to create innovative goods from waste materials, allow students to explore diverse aspects and approaches of architectural and environmental design according to individual interests. Architecture students have opportunities to collaborate with international exchange students in many classes and with students from other Thai universities in special projects. Those with sufficient language skills are highly encouraged to participate in international workshops or even spend a semester abroad in an exchange program to enhance intellectual and cultural experiences while earning academic credits.

Regular Admission Requirement

Candidates are required to pass the Ordinary National Education Test (O-NET) and Advanced National Education Test (A-NET). The results from these tests together with accumulated grade point average (GPAX) from high school will be used to apply for the university admission. Prospective candidates can also apply through the Direct Admission system organized by the Faculty around October each year, which consists of an aptitude test and other qualification requirements. As of now, the program is open only for Thais and those with fluent Thai language skill.

Exchange Program Admission Requirement

We accept foreign students for 1-2 semester exchange programs based on Faculty of Architecture’s exchange program admission procedures and policies. Special study program may be organized to match individual interest, objectives and academic background. Courses participated by exchange students will be offered in English or Thai with English translation. Applicants must have at least 2 year background in architecture or related fields with good English or Thai language capability. Preliminary application documents are CV, portfolio, statement of purpose, transcript and letters of recommendation.

Semester Schedule

Two-semester System, at least 15 weeks per semester
(from 2015 academic year onwards)
First Semester August - December
Second Semester January – May
Summer Semester June-July

Main Language

Thai (* English lessons are particularly offered for certain classes, including ones participated by foreign exchange students.*)


ปีที่ ภาคการศึกษาปลาย

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