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Center of Building and Innovation Technology  

CBIT was established in AKU in 2010 as a research and academic service center that works in parallel with MBIT, Master Degree program in Building Innovation and Technology, by sharing knowledge and human resources. CBIT’s range of work covers 3 areas as follows: 
• Green Innovation Research and Development, including services in R&D of environmentally responsive innovation for the building industry and creating networks of businesses for developing innovations from research collaboration. 
• Technical Services, offering convenient facilities for technical and engineering support for researchers and companies, and providing laboratories and services with qualified technicians for building-related assessments including: 
1. Test strength of materials 
2. Assessment material conductivity 
3. Test acoustic properties of materials 
4. Facilities for rapid prototyping 
• Green Design and Consultation, consisting of design services for achieving green architecture, consultation and certification of energy and environmental performance of building projects, as well as technology-transfer of and public training on building innovations

For further information and inquiries, please contact: Assoc.Prof.Pasinee SUNAKORN, Director of CBIT at arcpns@ku.ac.th, ppasinee@hotmail.com
or visit www.cbit.arch.ku.ac.th