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Center of Architectural Research and Academic Services (CARAS)

Center of Architectural Research and Academic Services

In order to fully harness AKU's expanding applied research and technology base, the University has established CARAS as a new stand-alone, research and academic service center. The operation of CARAS focuses on solving real-world problems through multi-disciplinary research collaborations within the University's increasingly talented applied and basic research units, and outside specialists such as government, private sector and industry partners in the international and local organizations. The Center aims to be the leading design and research institution providing value-driven, real-world solutions, which will enable AKU to acquire, manage, and execute educationally relevant and economically sound research and academic service projects. That vision is based on the Center's core values of respect for the environment, all individuals’ health, creativity and innovation, and service excellence delivered to valued clients in public and real estate sectors. CARAS’s principal mission is to solve complex issues in environmental and energy conservation through innovative appropriate-technology, cooperative research and entrepreneurship in the areas of architecture, landscape architecture, planning, building technology, construction and real estate. In carrying out this mission, the Center is committed to providing design, consultancy, and training for “Green” projects in attempt to minimize the negative impact to the environment.

For further information and inquiries, please contact:
Asst. Prof.Thitiwoot Chaisawataree, Assistant Dean for Academic Services at thitiwootc@gmail.com
or visit CARAS website for more details