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Current Students

History and Philosophy: 
Architecture at Kasetsart has been an academically and professionally oriented curriculum since its first class was formally established in 1984. Department of Architecture, Kasetsart University is located inside one of the most eminent and nourished campus of academic diversities in Bangkok, Thailand. Due to university’s enriched, collaborated knowledge-based environments of science, technology, and ecology, Department of Kasetsart Architecture announces itself the distinctive teaching and researching philosophy based upon the notion that architecture is the creation of human environment for sustainability—the relationships between humans, built environment, nature, and technology. The program was first housed within the Department of Civil Engineering as Division of Construction Management. In response to the 8th National University Development Plan for educational opportunities and comprehensive knowledge, the Kasetsart architecture program was created to sculpt potential architects and researchers for the future challenges in global society. The division currently accommodates approximately enrolled 220 undergraduate students and 10 graduate students. Acknowledging environmental concerns and architectural current debates, Division of Architecture at Kasetsart aims to challenge creation of environmental sustainability. Architectural Programs here embody the process of environmental design and research as a whole. The core faculty makes an attempt to encourage students to examine architectural possibilities in response to the virtue of design creativity, critical thinking, and environmental sustainability.
Programs Offered: 
Department of Kasetsart Architecture offers two degrees: Bachelor of Architecture and Doctor of Philosophy in Built Environment. In Bachelor of Architecture Degree, the program, an accredited professional curriculum within five enrolled years with a design thesis, aims to prepare students to be practitioners with professional ethics. The professional program intends to develop design skills, creativity, and criticism, all of which are integrated with the discipline of history, theory, culture, and technology, by comprehensive courses of built environments. In addition, Department offers a research program, Doctor of Philosophy in Built Environment, which emphasizes interdisciplinary approaches to investigate sustainable issues upon built environments. The Ph.D. Program is to develop expanding knowledge about architecture and environmental design as significant, original, and creative as a scholarly critical body of research.
Research Focus: 
Department of Kasetsart Architecture encompasses a variety of faculty’s specialties: licensed practitioners, socio-cultural researchers, historians, and theoreticians. Through academic diversities, all hold a core commonality of exploring realms of the creation of built environments for humans and ecological sustainability. Within the discipline of environmental creativity, our faculty is committed themselves to leading roles toward conducting research into the following areas: - Cultural Ecology - Socio-Cultural Evolution in Built Environment - Vernacular Architecture - Theories of Place-Making - Design Theory, Pedagogy and Practice - Adaptive Reuse - Critical Thinking in Sustainable Design.
Saithiwa Ramasoot, Ph.D. Head of Architecture Department at archstw@ku.ac.th